Veterinary Isoflupredone Acetate 2 mg/ml Injection (SARAFLUID)

SARAFLUID ( Isoflupredone Acetate 2 mg/ml Injection) The drug is used as intramuscular and intrasynovial injection. It metabolizes in liver and change to inactive lipids. We are reputed manufacturer & trader of SARAFLUID INJECTION.  We promote this product under VETERINARY INJECTIONS through Franchise Veterinary |  PCD Veterinary.


Each mL Contains:
Isoflupredone Acetate (VET) IP2 mg
Water for Injection (VET)IPq.s

Indications: –

  • Bovine Ketosis.
  • Musculoskeletal Conditions.
  • Allergic Reactions.
  • Over whelming Infections with Severe Toxicity.
  • Shock.

SARAFLUID has been found useful as supportive therapy in the treatment of the stress associated with parturient paresis ie, milk fever. It should be given intramuscularly, before or after the administration of the calcium infusion solutions commonly employed in treating the disease. SARAFLUID is not to be added to the infusion solutions.

Pack Size: 10 ml Vial.

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