Veterinary Triclabendazole & Fenbendazole Bolus & Liquid (FEULITRIC)

Triclabendazole is used as a primary agent in the treatment of fascioliasis caused by Fasciola hepatica (sheep liver fluke) and Fasciola gigantica (giant liver fluke).

Triclabendazole have unique efficacy against early immature & mature stages of Liver Fluke.

Fenbendazole removes various gastrointestinal parasites, also improves milk production. (Dewormer Bolus)



  • 1X1 Bolus: Triclabendazole 4 gm & Fenbendazole 2 gm Bolus
  • 100 mL Liquid: Triclabendazole 50 mg & Fenbendazole 30 mg/mL Liquid

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